SuperKopilka has launched passive income advertising strategies without a personal contribution!

The Superpiggy Bank project launches the long-awaited Passive Income Advertising Strategies (RSPD)! This is a set of strategies that are used to simplify and accelerate the demonstration of the system’s capabilities to new participants. This is essentially a weekly deposit creation plan that results in passive income.

You can start participating in the Superpiggy Bank project for FREE and WITHOUT INVESTMENT, while receiving a weekly passive income of $1, and a year it is $52!

RSPD through the eyes of a new member

The fact is that the RSPD is a very simple and understandable offer for new participants. Now the project will not look so complicated. And new members won’t have to solve complicated SWR and Karma puzzles from day one.

Let’s see through the eyes of a new participant how the RPD will look like.

Participation in the project begins with a bonus of 10 Tet. When joining the mutual funding community, the first thing a participant receives is funding from the community. Not a bad start.

Michael Cooper

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