Promotion “Grants for the 9th anniversary of SuperKopilka” up to $2000 to increase passive income

SuperKopilka – mutual aid fund. All the money that is in the project is the contributions of the participants. They are distributed to payments to those whose term of deposits and other programs has come to an end. To date, SuperKopilka has been operating for 9 years and successfully pays participants working on project marketing. And newcomers are offered a number of interesting bonuses. You can use all the starting offers, or select only some of them. Read more here

——————————-According to numerous requests from the participants, SuperKopilka extends the promotion and announces the start of the 2nd stage of the promotion, which will last 4 weeks, from June 18 to July 15, 2022.

Get a Grant of up to $2,000 to increase your passive income to your desired level!

The amount of the Grant received depends on the amount of the Additional Contribution (DV)

DV 8,000 theta + Grant 2,000 theta

DV 4,000 Thete + Grant 1,000 Thete

DV 2,000 theta + Grant 500 theta

DV 1,000 thete + Grant 250 thete

DV 500 Tet + Grant 125 Tet

DV 250 Tet + Grant 62.5 Tet

“Grant” is the amount of funds that will be credited to the participants who took part in the promotion so that they can use these funds to increase their passive income.

Use the opportunity to profitably increase your strategy with Defensive SWR 1.11 by getting a Grant!

Read the conditions of the promotion in the article at the link

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