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Unprecedented U.S. and European Union mutual sanctions on Russia and Russia’s retaliatory actions have been causing economies to suffer and trigger inflationary processes on both opposing sides since 2014. World pandemic corona virus from 2020 and the destruction of millions of economic ties due to „lockdowns”. Finally, 2022 with events that are more like a horror movie and do not fit in the head.

What to prepare for? To hunger? Unemployment?

We see how the world currencies are rapidly depreciating, which are safe-haven currencies and a guarantee of the stability of the world economy. Everything becomes more expensive, and some goods become unavailable. The number of safe ways to save savings is reduced. Economic and logistics chains are collapsing. Our own, personal plans are ruined by external influences and the consequences of adverse events in the world.

Talk about the „unprecedented crisis” has become a common everyday topic of conversation.

But back in 2015, when we created a new line of trading robots , we publicly warned you about this!

And then, in a full 2015, some told us that we were pumping up and exaggerating in order to sell more forex robots.

Today it is impossible to argue with the fact that we were right!

Everyone who thinks that this crisis is about to end and everything will return to “well-fed 2015” again and everything will become wonderful again is very much mistaken! In fact, everything is just beginning. Humanity has not yet known a crisis of this magnitude, previous crises fade before what began! This crisis will completely change all our ideas about the economy, destroy the old economic rules and behavioral factors and form new ones on their bones. There will be no patterns and cyclicality!

Michael Cooper

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