What sanctions can banks apply to borrowers

It just so happened that in the scheme of civil legal relations, the bank-borrower is considered to be the victim of the latter. And indeed, a citizen against the backdrop of a financial giant looks faded.

But is the creditor always wrong and are there such measures of influence on the debtor that are justified by the law? We will talk about this further.

Why do banks penalize borrowers?
The most common reason for imposing penalties on borrowers is late payments. And here you can only blame yourself, because when signing an agreement, the borrower must be aware of the burden of responsibility that falls on him. In addition, punishment may follow:

lack of an insurance policy;
misuse of borrowed funds;
violations related to the subject of pledge;
violation of the terms of cooperation, for example, for changing jobs, failure to provide any information, etc.
For the admission of some of the listed violations, sanctions are applied quite legally and reasonably, but sometimes banks, as they say, take on too much.

Michael Cooper

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