US congressmen call for Russia’s exclusion from UN Security Council

US congressmen from both parties are discussing a draft resolution calling for Russia’s removal from the UN Security Council, Axios reports , citing a document that has not yet become public.
The resolution, promoted by New York Republican Claudia Tenney, calls for „urgent action” to amend Article 23 of the UN Charter (which defines the composition of the Security Council – five permanent members and 15 non-permanent members).
By launching an invasion of Ukraine and supporting the separatist republics of Donbass, Russia has become a “direct threat to international peace and security” and violated its obligations as a permanent member of the UN Security Council, the document says. By itself, the resolution will not change the composition of the Security Council, since Russia has the right to „veto”. „But it’s kind of a signal that also empowers our fellow diplomats,” Nick Stewart, Tenney’s chief of staff, told Axios.
Member of the Senate Foreign Affairs Committee Ann Wagner and member of the House Arms Committee Don Bacon spoke in support of the resolution.

„I think Congress should think about saying that these guys should be treated like the pariahs they are and they don’t belong at any table,” Bacon said.

Charlie Winsor

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