The Central Bank intends to return to the publication of bank statements while minimizing risks

The Bank of Russia proposes in the future to return to the publication of financial statements of financial institutions and companies, but with minimization of sanctions risks. This is stated in the document of the Central Bank on the key directions for the development of the financial market in the context of sanctions. It is posted for public comment.

In March , a law was passed that allowed the Central Bank until the end of 2022 to determine the list of information that organizations may not disclose to an unlimited number of people.

„Without the publication of reports, the normal operation of the financial market, the adoption of informed decisions regarding financial intermediaries by investors, depositors, clients and counterparties is impossible,” the regulator said.

The Bank of Russia stands for maximum transparency and accessibility of information necessary for market participants to make decisions, fair pricing of financial instruments and efficient operation of the financial market as a whole while minimizing sanctions risks.

The Central Bank will analyze and develop approaches to the disclosure of financial statements, determine which positions may be sensitive to the imposition of sanctions, providing for a requirement for their aggregation or exclusion during publication.

Charlie Winsor

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