Taxation: MPs denounce American „extraterritoriality” against government advice

The deputies denounced Tuesday the American extraterritoriality which imposes on French citizens born in the United States to pay taxes there, by approving against the opinion of the government a symbolic amendment without bearing on international conventions.

The amendment, tabled by opposition MP LR Olivier Marleix and backed by the opposition, aims to address the long-standing problem of so-called „accidental Americans”, US-born French citizens who are „subject to income tax in the United States, although without having lived there”.

„It is our duty to defend our citizens”, declared Mr. Marleix, whose text was approved by 237 votes against 182.

“This situation is appalling for accidental Americans who cannot resolve a situation that has now been known for many years,” he lamented.

The US tax administration uses the Fatca law (Foreign account tax compliance act) applied in France since 2013 to require dual nationals to declare their income in the United States.

Michael Cooper

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