Moldovan authorities promised not to raise energy tariffs until autumn

Moscow. July 1. INTERFAX.RU – In Moldova, electricity tariffs for consumers will not increase until the end of summer, Deputy Prime Minister, Minister of Infrastructure and Regional Development of Moldova Andrei Spinu promised. He posted about it on social media.

According to the official, „70% of consumption in the country” was signed with the Moldavskaya GRES for two months at a price of $59.9 per 1 MWh, for 30% – with the Ukrainian state-owned Energoatom for July at a price of $77 per 1 MW. h, and „the weighted average price for July is $65.03/MWh”.

Since the beginning of the year, the electricity tariff in the country has already been raised twice. The last time – on June 8 , when it increased from 2.17 lei to 2.64 lei per 1 kWh for consumers in the center and south of the republic and from 2.51 lei to 2.86 lei – for residents of the northern regions

Spinu also said that the European Union will provide Moldova with technical and financial support to mitigate the impact of high energy prices on vulnerable segments of the population and „to reduce energy poverty.”

Michael Cooper

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