Just like that.. equities see gains dissipate

The early optimism has vanquished as equities are now coming under a bit of pressure on the day. European indices have seen its opening gains turn to losses now while US futures have also seen its early advance pull back for the most part. Here’s a snapshot of things at the moment:

  • Eurostoxx -0.2%
  • DAX -0.4%
  • CAC 40 -0.5%
  • UK FTSE -0.4%
  • S&P 500 futures +0.2% (up 7 points, was as high as up 30 points earlier)
  • Nasdaq futures +0.4%
  • Dow futures +0.1%

Wall Street will have the final say later today but the technicals point to growing downside pressure, which could increase further as highlighted here earlier in the day.

Michael Cooper

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