Gasoline prices in Russia in January 2021 increased by 0.9%

Average consumer prices for gasoline in Russia in January 2022 increased by 0.9% compared to December 2021. At the same time, gasoline producers raised wholesale prices by 3.9% in January, according to Rosstat.

At the same time, consumer prices for gasoline increased by 8.8% over the year, while producer prices increased by 6.7%.
Consumer prices for gasoline in January on average in Russia exceeded producer prices by 2.3 times (in January 2021 – by 2.2 times).
During the reporting month, an increase in gasoline prices by 1% or more was noted in 38 regions of Russia. At the same time, prices increased most noticeably in Sevastopol – by 1.9% and the Novgorod region – by 1.8%. At the same time, a decrease in gasoline prices was observed in the Republic of Dagestan – by 0.2%.

Charlie Winsor

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