Exchange rates of the Central Bank of the Russian Federation: the exchange rate of the ruble against the dollar, euro, hryvnia, lira, tenge, yuan

On Thursday, July 7, the Bank of Russia set the following official exchange rate:

62.9110 rubles for 1 dollar
64.3260 rubles for 1 euro
23.2590 rubles for 1 Belarusian ruble
21.2921 rubles for 10 Ukrainian hryvnias
37.1108 rubles for 10 Turkish liras
13.4064 rubles per 100 Kazakhstani tenge
95.5793 rubles for 10 Chinese yuan
Thus, at the official rate of the Central Bank , the dollar rose against the ruble by 4 rubles 40 kopecks, and the euro rose against the ruble by 4 rubles 16 kopecks compared to the official exchange rate on Wednesday. The volume of trading on the Moscow Exchange by 16:24 Moscow time on Wednesday amounted to 842.9660 billion rubles or 14,406.7697 million dollars. The ruble is correcting today after a powerful fall the day before and this morning. The ruble is falling because it has lost support for exporters at the moment, who do not need to urgently sell the currency in order to pay taxes. The ruble is also under pressure from the intention of the authorities to lower the national currency rate to help domestic producers.

Michael Cooper

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