EU sanctions against Alfa-Bank will not affect its usual work

The sanctions imposed by the EU against Alfa-Bank will not affect its usual work. Visa and Mastercard payments are available worldwide, currency transfers are unlimited, the bank’s press service said on Saturday.

“Alfa-Bank is working as usual. The restrictions did not affect the usual work of Alfa-Bank: payments by Visa and Mastercard cards are available all over the world, currency transfers are carried out without restrictions, the mobile application and branches operate in standard mode,” the credit institution noted.
The press service explained that the only limitation is that the bank will temporarily not be able to issue new Eurobonds or place share issues. “But Alfa⁠-⁠bank is a non-public company, therefore, restrictions on the issue of shares, in fact, do not apply to the company,” the bank said.

Charlie Winsor

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