Communications will be repaired and updated in the Trinity-Sergius Lavra

The Glavgosexpertiza of Russia approved the design documentation and the results of engineering surveys for the reconstruction of the engineering systems of the Trinity-Sergius Lavra and the Moscow Theological Academy, the Moscow diocese reported.

According to the project, 2,740 meters of electrical wires for lighting, 13,650 meters of fiber-optic transmission line, 3,905 meters of automatic irrigation system, 137 meters of storm sewers and 9,190 meters of a guaranteed power supply system will be laid there.

It is also planned to reconstruct the underground passage between the class and library buildings of the academy. Its floors and steps will be covered with ceramic granite tiles, the walls will be fragmentary finished with marble slabs. It is also planned to repair the facades of the boiler house building.

In addition, repair and restoration work will be carried out in the gate church of the Nativity of John the Baptist, the Metropolitan’s chambers, the Tsar’s chambers, the Kalichya, Zvonkova and Onion towers, a bookstore, hospital wards, Kelarsky, cell, canteen, classroom buildings, in several stretches of the fortress wall and on other objects.

Michael Cooper

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