Cargo turnover of the port of Rotterdam in the first half of the year increased by 0.8%

The cargo turnover of Europe’s largest port of Rotterdam (Netherlands) in January-June 2022 amounted to 233.473 million tons, which is 0.8% more than in the same period last year (231.6 million tons), the port administration reported .

Cargo turnover figures for the Port of Rotterdam in the second quarter are not shown separately. From the previously published statistics, it follows that in the second quarter of 2022 it amounted to 119.9 million tons, which is about 3.5% more than in the second quarter of 2021, when the port handled 115.8 million tons of cargo.

The container turnover of the port of Rotterdam in the first half of 2022 decreased by 4.4%, to 7.278 million TEU. The port administration explains the decline in container transshipment by two reasons: the cessation of handling Russian containers, as well as ongoing disruptions in global container logistics.

Liquid cargo transshipment in the first half of 2022 increased by 4.6% compared to last year, to 105.461 million tons. In particular, the volume of oil transshipment increased by 4.3% (up to 52.561 million tons), LNG – by 45.8% (up to 5.413 million tons). Transshipment of other liquid cargo increased by 22.5% to 19.67 million tons.

In the bulk cargo segment, transshipment of iron ore and scrap decreased (by 20.6%, to 11.9 million tons). The volume of coal transshipment increased by 29.7%, to 14.566 million tons, transshipment of other bulk and bulk cargo increased by 30.1%, to 9 million tons.

„In recent months, in anticipation of sanctions on coal and oil, there has been less import of Russian coal, oil, oil products and LNG. Companies are increasingly importing (these cargoes) from other countries,” the port said in a statement.

As reported, in 2021, out of about 470 million tons of cargo handled by Rotterdam, Russia-oriented cargo amounted to 62 million tons (13%). Large volumes of energy carriers went from Russia to Rotterdam. Last year, approximately 30% of oil, 25% of LNG and 20% of oil products and coal came from Russia. Russia also exported steel products, copper, aluminum and nickel through Rotterdam. The share of Russian containers in the port’s container turnover was 8%.

Michael Cooper

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