Bayer prevails over BASF: share with a buy signal and a positive expert opinion

The minimal bearish false signal for the Bayer share at the chart technical support around the core mark at 51.55/51.74 euros was enough to send the DAX title on a recovery tour. On Friday, the share price of the company from Leverkusen climbed by 4.78 percent to EUR 54.15 based on the closing price. During the course of the day, a peak of EUR 54.29 was quoted in XETRA trading.

The background to the increase was that Bayer emerged unscathed from the multi-billion dollar dispute over damages from the seed deal with BASF. BASF had apparently demanded 1.7 billion euros plus interest from Bayer since 2018 because the Leverkusen-based group is said to have failed to adequately explain the costs. This claim has now been rejected by an

Michael Cooper

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