A third EU country opposed the proposal of the EC to reduce gas consumption

The Greek government on Thursday opposed the proposal of the European Commission to reduce gas consumption by 15% in the EU, according to the EFE agency.

„We do not agree with the proposal of the European Commission,” the agency quotes Greek government spokesman Giannis Ikonoma.

According to the representative of the Cabinet of Ministers, the Greek authorities „are doing everything possible to avoid having to implement such recommendations.”

He explained that Athens considers it necessary for the EU to concentrate on the idea of ​​joint purchases of gas, as well as on the rules to limit prices for this energy resource.

EFE notes that earlier the authorities of Spain and Portugal opposed the proposal of the European Commission.

EU Gas Demand Reduction Plan
Earlier this week, the European Commission proposed a new legislative instrument and a European plan to reduce gas demand .

“Taking action now can reduce both the risk and the cost for Europe in the event of an additional disruption or complete shutdown of supplies, strengthening Europe’s energy resilience. Therefore, today the commission is proposing a new legislative instrument and a European gas demand reduction plan to reduce Europe’s gas consumption by 15% until next spring,” the communiqué issued in Brussels on Wednesday said.

The new regulation, the communiqué explains, will set a goal for all EU member states to reduce gas demand by 15% between 1 August 2022 and 31 March 2023.

The new regulation, as conceived by its drafters, will also give the European Commission the opportunity to announce, after consultation with member states, a “union warning” on the security of supplies, prescribing a mandatory reduction in gas demand for all member states. Such a warning could be issued when „there is a significant risk of an acute shortage of gas or an exceptionally high demand for gas,” according to the European Commission.

Brussels indicates that member states must update their national contingency plans by the end of September to „demonstrate how they intend to achieve the reduction target.” At the same time, the EU countries must report to the European Commission on their progress every two months.

„Member states requesting solidarity gas supplies will have to demonstrate the measures they have taken to reduce domestic demand,” the EC warns.

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